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Band Gap 4.8~4.9 [eV]
a 12.23 [Å]
b 3.04 [Å]
c 5.80 [Å]
β 103.7 [deg]

Novel Crystal Technology is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of gallium oxide homo-epitaxial wafers.

The characteristics of gallium oxide:

1.Manufacturing bulk single-crystals at a low cost

It is possible to achieve rapid growth of gallium oxide when using the melt growth techniques to manufacture bulk crystals. Therefore the cost of producing substrates is potentially lower compared to the vapor growth techniques used to manufacture the bulk crystals of GaN and SiC.

2.The potential of high-voltage power devices that surpass GaN and SiC

The band gap of gallium oxide is 4.8 - 4.9 eV and is a higher value than that of GaN (3.4 eV) and SiC (3.3 eV) – the candidate materials for the next generation of power devices. And consequently it is projected that its dielectric breakdown electric field strength is greater than that of GaN and SiC. It is anticipated that it is possible to manufacture power devices resistant to high voltages exceeding 6000 V whilst keeping switching losses low.


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