Gallium oxide is a new type of semiconductor material originating in Japan and the founders of its research group have only recently discovered the usefulness of this material in power devices. Novel Crystal Technology was established in 2015 with the primary objective of developing and promoting gallium oxide.

The Tamura Corporation, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology are the core figures of the research and development team behind gallium oxide and lead the world in this field. Our technologies are based on the results of their research.

Novel Crystal Technology is a ‘carve-out’ venture from the Tamura Corporation and a technology transfer venture from NICT.

Creating new resources will create a new futuristic way of living. In order to help realize this concept, we provide exceptional materials which will expedite the development of gallium oxide power devices carried out by our customers; public institutions and research and development teams of corporations. We will continue to make progress in our technologies.

Novel Crystal Technology, Inc.
Akito Kuramata

Company Profile

NameNovel Crystal Technology, Inc.
EstablishedJune 30, 2015
Location◆ Head Office: 2-3-1, Hirosedai, Sayama-Shi, Saitama, 350-1328, Japan ≫Map
◆ Tokyo Sales Office: 6F, Koushin Bldg. 3-27-2, Hatchobori, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 104-0032, Japan ≫Map
TEL/FAX◆ Head Office: +81-4-2900-0072 / +81-4-2900-0059
◆ Tokyo Sales Office: +81-3-6222-9336 / +81-3-6222-9316
President & CEOAkito Kuramata
Capital¥162.92 million (as of May 12, 2022)
Major shareholders* In alphabetical order
・AGC Inc.
・Hazama Ando Corp.
・Iwatani Venture Capital LLC
・JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corp.
・ROHM Co., Ltd.
・Satori Electric Co., Ltd.
・Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
・Sojitz Machinery Corp.
・Tamura Corp.
・Torex Semiconductor Ltd.
・Yaskawa Electric Corp.
Corporate PhilosophyWe will provide new value based on technology development results to the world and contribute to the improvement of people's lives.
Main Businesses AreasManufacture and sales of substrates with gallium oxide epitaxial film
Manufacture and sales of single crystals and their applied products
Manufacture and sales of semiconductors and their applied products
Board MembersPresident and Representative Director / Akito Kuramata
Director / Kohei Sasaki
Director / Shigenobu Yamakoshi
Director / Yusaku Hashiguchi (Tamura Corporation)
Auditor / Shutaro Nanbu
Auditor / Hideo Samura
Accounting advisor / Hiroyuki Hagiwara
Corporate History2015/6:Novel Crystal Tehnology,Inc. esatablished
Capital / ¥10 million
2015/8~2016/3:Raise funds ¥.65.7 million through third party allotment.
Capital / ¥75.7 million
2017/11~2018/5:Raise funds ¥142.56 million through third party allotment.
Capital / ¥146.98 million
2020/2~2020/6:Raise funds ¥699.9 million through third party allotment.
Capital / ¥496.93 million
2022/2:Raise funds ¥1,120.35 million through third party allotment. Capital / ¥1,057.10 million
2022/3:Capital decreased to ¥100 million.
2022/5:Raise funds through third party allotment. Capital / ¥162.92 million